Hi-Tech Instruments

Qualified faculty members are available to operate and train on the instruments used for research in the field of chemistry, pharmacy, biological and earth sciences. The equipments also serve the local industry and government organization in the quality control of their products. Following are some of the instruments used for research and development.

1 Automatic Autoclave Vertical LS-2 D
2 Binocular Stereo Spectrometer
3 Beckman Coulter Ac.T diff Blood Analyzer (Records Eight Parameters Simultaneously)
4 Beckman Coulter Ac.T diff Blood Analyzer (Records Eight Parameters Simultaneously)
5 Beckman Coulter P/ALE MDQ Capillary Electrophoresis System
6 Perkin Elmer's Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, AAnalyst 800
7 Perkin Elmer's CHNS/O Series II Analyzer 2400 with AD-6 Autobalance
8 Perkin Elmer's Lambda 35 UV/VIS Spectrometer
9 Agilent Technologies GC-MASS 5975C inert EL/CL MSD
10 Agilent Technologies 6890N Network GC System with GC Chemstation Software
11 Agilent Technologies 11 Series HPLC with G1379A Degasser, G1311A Quatpump, G1315B DAD, G1362A RID, G1328B Man. Inj.
12 Sanyo Versatile Environmental Growth/Test Chamber
13 Dissecting, Inverted, Phase Contrast and Polarizing Microscope
14 Hielscher UP400S UltraSound Homogenizer
15 Memmest Thermostatic Rotary Stability Incubator
16 Sartorius CP324S Electronic Balance
17 Lenton Thermal Designs Furnace
18 VELP Scientifica JPV Recirculating Water Vacuum Pump
19 Kika Werke RV06-ML and HB4 Basic
20 GallenKamp Melting Point Apparatus, Magnetic Stirrer-Hotplate and Water Bath
21 ElectroLab Fermac 310 Fermenter
22 Thermo Scientific Orion 5 Star pH-ISE-Cond-Benchop
23 Spectra/Chrom CF-1 Fraction Collector, UV Monitor with MP-1 Pump and Ross Recorder